Session Title Speaker
Keynote  Pilai Poonswad
 Jane Goodall
 Kim Carstensen
 George Archibald
Session 1  Sustainable Development 
 01 WAZA Sustainability Strategy development  Karen Fifield
 02 Measuring for Success  Bob Chastain
 03 Green Teen Team  Princess Theodora
 04 Placing Zoo Objectives in the Forefront of National Priorities for Sustainability Education  Miklos Pesanyi
 05 Environmental Commitment at the Global South  Maria Clara Dominguez
 06 Aquarium Conservation Partnership Update  Kim McIntyre
 07 Round table on Sustainable Palm Oil Update  Darrel Webber
Session 2  Southeast Asia Conservation Panel
Session 3 Conservation Presentations
 08 How Trade, Ivasive Species and Disease Interact to Cause Amplibian Declines  Anne Baker
 09 Evidence-based Practice in Zoos and Aquariums: Problems and Potential Pathways  Simon Tonge
 10 Return of the Wild Horse of Mongolia  Miroslav Bobek
 11 A Toolkit to Improve the Ethical Review Process in Conservation  Barbara de Mori
 12 Wild At Heart: Partering to Protect Habitats and save Species  Angela Young
 13 Critical Rold of Long-term Partnerships between Zoos – The Success Story of  the Collaboration Between ZPO and Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute  William Pitt
 14 Building Sustainable Conservation Engagements  Alex Rubel
 15 Saola’s Moment: The Critical Role of Zoos in Saving from Extinction a Southeast Asian Endemic No Zoo Holds  William Robichaud
 16 Building Conservation and Leadership Capacity  Jenny Gray
Session 4  Media Training
Session 5  Animal Welfare Panel – Global Animal Welfare Assessment & Acrediation Goals
Session 6  Animal Welfare Presenations
 18 The Illustrated Handbook of Zookeeping  Carsten Knott
 19 Providing Good Welfare to Rescued and Confiscated Wildlife by Wildlife Reserves Singapore: Challenges and Successes  Roopali Raghava
 20 Prevention of Bird Collisions with Glass  Monika Fiby
 21 Animal Welfare: What are we assessing and why? Commonalities in Animal Welfare Concerns around the World  Dave Morgan
 22 SEAZA Report  Willem Manasang
 23 Promoting Positive Experience in Animal Welfare  Nicola Craddock
 24 Zoo and Aquarium Animal Welfare in the Future  Ron Kagan
Session 7  Politics of Zoo Panel
Session 8  Community Conservation
Session 9  Zoo and Aquarium Diversity Panel
Session 10  Cites Panel
Session 11  Future Focus
 25 The Role of Cryobanking: Zoos and Aquariums can lead the way to Secure Genetic Vaiability  Dalia Cande
 26 Creating a Sustainable  Future for In-Country Conservation: The Whitney R Harris World Ecology Center at the University of Missouri, St. Louis  Eric Miller
 27 Taronga Institue: Leadership Through Inspiring Wildlife Science and Education  Cameron Kerr
 28 Zoos: Does Size Matter?  Andrew Mooney