Abstract code Abstract Title Title name First name Last name Organization Topic
A02 Health in Harmony: A Planetary Health Proof of Concept in Indonesian Borneo Positioned for Replication Dr. Jeffrey David Wyatt Seneca Park Zoo Sustainability
A03 Enrolling Lake Sturgeon as Experimental Bioindicators and Effective Ambassadors of Watershed Health Dr. Jeffrey David Wyatt Seneca Park Zoo Sustainability
A04 Critical Species Data for international collaboration supporting animal welfare, husbandry, health care, and species conservation Mr. James Guenter Species360 Data management – Science – Conservation
A05 WAZA Sustainability Strategy Development Ms. Karen Fifield Wellington Zoo Trust Sustainability
A06 Prevention of Bird Collisions with Glass Mrs. Monika Fiby ZooLex Zoo Design Organization Design / Animal welfare?
A07 The challenges, status, and opportunities for animal welfare research in zoos and aquaria Ms. Myfanwy Griffith European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) Animal Welfare
A08 Return of the Wild Horse to Mongolia Mgr. MIROSLAV BOBEK PRAGUE ZOO Conservation
A09 Biodiversity conservation in the Annamite Mountains of Laos with Project Anoulak Ms. Camille Coudrat Project Anoulak Conservation
A10 A Simple Incubation Method for Effective Hatching of Reptile Eggs Mr. Francisco Reyes Valdes Dubai Safari Husbandry
A11 Establishment of a Live Koala Genome Bank: A new role for zoos in koala conservation in SE Queensland Assoc.Prof. Stephen Johnston The University of Queensland Science – Conservation
A12 Taronga Institute– Leadership through inspiring Wildlife Science and Education Mr. Cameron Kerr Taronga Conservation Society Australia Science – Education – Conservation – Capacity building – Leadership – Partnership
A13 Creating a Sustainable Future for In-Country Conservation: The Whitney R. Harris World Ecology Center at the University of Missouri St. Louis Dr. R. Eric Miller Saint Louis Zoo WildCare Institute Science – Education – Conservation – Capacity building – Leadership – Partnership
A14 Zoos: Does Size Matter? Mr. Andrew Mooney Species360 / Trinity College Dublin Science – Conservation – Collection planning
A15 How trade, invasive species, and disease interact to cause amphibian declines Dr. Anne Baker Amphibian Ark Conservation
A16 Evidence-based practice in zoos and aquariums: problems and potential pathways Mr. Simon Tonge Paignton Zoo Environmental Park Conservation – Science – Animal Welfare?
A18 Zoos in India moving towards sustainability Dr. Brij Gupta Central Zoo Authority Sustainability
A19 Building Conservation and Leadership Capacity Dr. Jenny Gray Zoos Victoria Science – Conservation – Capacity building – Leadership – Partnership
A20 A Zoo and an NGO in partnership born from a collaborative heart, mutual objectives and cooperative goals.  SAIGON ZOO Conservation – Partnership
A21 What’s Money Got To Do With It? Mr. David Walsh Zoo Advisors Fundraising – Business models
A22 The Value of Greater Diversity in WAZA Member Organizations – Leaders, Directors, and Beyond Mr. David Walsh Zoo Advisors Staff diversity – Leadership
A23 Zoo and Aquarium Animal Welfare in the Future Dr. Ron Kagan Detroit Zoological Society Welfare
A24 The Illustrated Handbook of Zookeeping Carsten  Knott International Zookeeper Congress Welfare
A25 Enhancing the Welfare of Program Animals at Wildlife Reserves Singapore Dr. Wen Haur Cheng Wildlife Reserves Singapore Welfare
A26 Providing Good Welfare to Rescued and Confiscated Wildlife by Wildlife Reserves Singapore – Challenges and Successes Dr. Wen Haur Cheng Wildlife Reserves Singapore Welfare
A27 (Socio) Environmental Commitment at the Global South: Finding our own development pathway Mrs. Maria Clara Dominguez Cali Zoological Foundation Conservation – Sustainability
A28 A toolkit to improve the ethical review process in Conservation Assoc.Prof. Barbara de Mori University of Padua Conservation
A29 Animal Encounters – Using research to go beyond the hype Mr. Hugo Du Plessis Cango Wildlife Ranch Not sure
A30 Animal welfare – What are we assessing and why? Commonalities in animal welfare concerns around the world Mr. Dave Morgan Wild Welfare Welfare
A31 Aquarium Conservation Partnership Update: Collective Conservation Impact of Aquariums Mrs. Kim McIntyre Aquarium Conservation Partnership Conservation – Sustainability
A32 Asian Captive Elephant Working Group (ACEWG)-
Addressing realities behind a GIANT problem
Mr. John  Roberts Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation Need to add topic
A33 Assessment of stress in Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) following guest-interaction programs Ms. Stacy Ann Fairfax Dolphin Marine Magic Welfare
A34 BAWEAN DEER (Axis kuhlii) CONSERVATION IN RAGUNAN ZOOLOGICAL PARK, JAKARTA, INDONESIA Mr. Achmad Muchsinin Ragunan Zoological Park Conservation
A35 Building Sustainable Conservation Engagements Dr. Alex Ruebel Zoo Zurich Conservation
A37 Critical role of long-term partnerships between zoos – the success story of the collaboration between Zoological Park Organization of Thailand and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute Dr. William Pitt Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
A38 Measuring for Success Mr. Bob Chastain Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Sustainability
A39 Place zoo objectives in the forefront of national priorities for sustainability education Prof. Miklós Persányi Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden
A40 Population Decline of the Common Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) in Ismailia Governorate: Possible Causes, Conservation and Action Plan. Prof. Atef Mohamed Kamel Ahmed Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt Conservation
A41 Promoting Positive Experiences in Animal Welfare Ms. Nicola Craddock Zoo and Aquarium Association Australasia Welfare
A42 Providing Good Welfare to Rescued and Confiscated Wildlife by Wildlife Reserves Singapore – Challenges and Successes. Ms. Roopali   Raghavan Wildlife Reserves Singapore Welfare
A43 Regional collaborations to tackle extinction crisis of Formosan pangolin Dr. Eric Tsao Taipei Zoo Conservation
A44 Saola’s Moment: The critical role of zoos in saving from extinction a Southeast Asian endemic no zoo holds Mr. William Robichaud Saola Working Group, IUCN Species Survival Commission Conservation
A45 Status of Human-Elephant Conflict in Buffer zone of Suklaphanta National Park, Kanchanpur, Nepal Mr. BALRAM AWASTHI Tribhuvan University, Siddhanath Science Campus Conservation
A46 Enhancing the Welfare of Program Animals Ms. Gail Ellen Laule Wildlife Reserves Singapore Welfare
A47 Strategic partnerships in Southeast Asia: A role for zoos in averting species extinctions within the Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP) Ms. Vicki Guthrie Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP) Conservation
A48 Ex situ breeding programmes and conservation of the species: Sarcogyps calvus at Parco Natura Viva. Mr. Cesare Avesani Zaborra Parco Natura Viva – Garda Zoological Park Conservation
A49 Management of Unreleasable Rehabilitated Dolphins Dr. Cherissa Alvarez Garcia Ocean Adventure Welfare – Conservation?
A50 Strengthening the Norms for Housing, Upkeep and Animal Welfare of Captive Animals in Zoos Dr. Dwijendra Nath Singh Central Zoo Authority Welfare
A51 Sustaining Your Mission – Paths to Maximizing Financial Sustainability Mr. David Walsh Zoo Advisors Business
A52 The Babirusa Global Species Management Plan – building bridges with our Indonesian colleagues Dr. Thomas Kauffels Opel-Zoo Conservation
A53 The role of cryobanking: zoos and aquariums can lead the way to secure species genetic variability Assoc.Prof. Dalia A Conde Species360 Conservation Science Alliance/ SDU Conservation – Science
A54 THE VOLOHASY PROJECT IN MAROMIZAHA FOR A SPECIALIZED BAMBOO LEMUR Mr. Cesare Avesani Zaborra Parco Natura Viva – Garda Zoological Park Conservation
A55 Transparency in an age of Skepticism Mr. Rob Vernon Association of Zoos and Aquariums Communications
A56 What everyone should know about Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpes Virus (EEHV) Dr. sonja luz Wildlife Reserves Singapore Welfare – Veterinary Medicine – Communications?